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X-Ray Diffraction Service

STAN Detail: Analysis of samples by X-ray diffraction phase composition to determine qualitatively and quantitatively, as well as more specific studies.

Methodology: The sample is suitably prepared under X-ray radiation, for which taking into account certain parameters of measurement. These parameters are: start and end angle (2θ; [¬ļ]), dot pitch measurement point [¬į], measurement time per point [s]. The spectrum obtained is interpreted to extract information related to: phase composition, crystallite size, degree of crystallinity, etc.. The results are delivered to the customer in digital format, so that the spectrum obtained is reported and their interpretation.
Head Coach: Ricardo Martinez Garcia, Marcelo Fontana, Fabio Saccone, Marcelo Pagnola
Delivery unit: 1 Sample
Operating Capacity: 1 Displaying x hours
Minimum: 1.00

To inquire about the service:
Send mail to / with the following information:
- Company or organization requesting the service. Responsible for it and contact.
- STAN detail you want to view, including technical detail
- Composition of the sample



Contact: INTECIN (Silvana Arroyo)
phone 4342-1396
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Measurement of electrical and magnetic properties

STAN DETAIL : Analysis of electrical and magnetic properties of samples. determines magnetization , magnetic susceptibility , electrical resistance and magnetoresistance of small samples between 2 and 350k , and with magnetic fields up to 9T, with sensitivity of 0.01mT , among other more specific , such as hysteresis curves and magneto .

METHODOLOGY: The sample properly prepared is introduced into a system controlled by liquid He temperature to loo taking into account certain parameters such as temperature range it fixed or stationary magnetic field or range of them. The results are interpreted to obtain information regarding magnetization magnetic behavior static and dynamic distribution of nanoparticles magnetoresistivas properties , etc. . The results are delivered to the customer in digital format : data files or processing report (if required ) .

Technical Responsible : Dr. Fabio Saccone , Dr. Leandro Socolovsky

Delivery unit : 1 study every 3 hours. ( $ 300 )

Minimum Quantity : 1 turn



INTECIN/ Lic. Silvana Arroyo
Teléfono: 4342-1396
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