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Lecture: "The center of the earth in a laboratory

Talk to you, give it invites Dr. Daniel Errandonea
(Professor, Department of Applied Physics, University of Valencia, Spain), on Tuesday, August 19, at 11 am, in Room 301, Headquarters 3rd Floor Paseo Colón.

Lecture Topic: "The center of the earth in a laboratory:
Applications of high pressure techniques s "

Dr. Errandonea has published over 150 papers in international journals and is a specialist in technical study of materials under impact pressure in GPa above ranges. He has directed dissertations, and research, he has been honored by several European foundations. He is a leading member of MALTA Consolider Ingenio 2010 and integrates a group responsible PICT-Estate ANPCyT granted by the Lab. Amorphous Solids. The seminar will speak on changes in the physical properties of materials subjected to pressures so intense as those in the interior of planets.

Contact: Dr. Fabio Saccone, Department of Physics, Faculty of Engineering, INTECIN (UBA-CONICET), e-mail:

General Provision No. 3333. AFIP

Section 1 - The subjects living in the country that require the purchase of foreign currency to meet expenses for travel abroad for health reasons, studies, conferences, commercial management, sports, cultural, scientific and / or tourism, must first meet the reporting regime is hereby established. To this end, subjects will be considered resident in the country who are of such status under the rules of income tax.

Clause 2 - The provision of information should be made through the service called "QUERY EXCHANGE OPERATIONS" option "Foreign Travel" site "web" institutional ( to which should have "Fiscal Code" with security level 2, at least, obtained under the procedure established by General Resolution No. 2239, its amendment and complementary. Once logged in, you should report the data listed in Exhibit "DATA TO PROVIDE INFORMATION ON THE SYSTEM OF TRAVEL ABROAD" which is approved and is part of this.

Section 3 - The Federal Government shall carry out assessments systemic, in real time, on the input data and issue the corresponding response on the amount in pesos validated for the purchase of foreign currencies to the requested destination. It may also require the provision of additional documentation or information deemed relevant for analysis of the request.

Clause 4 - This regulation will take effect from the first working day following its publication in the Official Gazette, inclusive.

Clause 5 - Register, published, submitted to the National Gazette and filed. - Ricardo Echegaray.
ANNEX (article 2) DATA TO PROVIDE INFORMATION ON THE SYSTEM OF TRAVEL ABROAD As the subject that requires the purchase of foreign currencies and other persons traveling: 1. Key Unique Tax Identification (TIN), Unique Identification Code (CUIL) or type and number of identity document. 2. First and last names. 3. Date of birth. 4. Work or professional activity. 5. Country of destination and scales. 6. Traveled. 7. Date. 8. Return date. 9. Key Unique Tax Identification (TIN) of the tour operator, travel agency or similar travel cost, number of shares and payment of fees: currency, maturity, etc.., If applicable. 10. Means of transport. 11. Amount requested in pesos for the purchase of foreign exchange.