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Information and Communication technologies

Complex Network and Data Communications

The group aims to study computer networking and routing data that is used in particular areas, to improve existing technologies due to its influence on human activity represent current and future.

Referring mainly to the research, we highlight the following:

- Complex Systems
- Internet routing protocols and modeling of its topology
- Traffic data networks: analysis of statistical characteristics (self-similar)
- Ad-hoc networks: routing protocols.



ŃĀlvarez-Hamelin, Josť Ignacio. PhD.


Anunziata, Daniel. Engineer.

Beirů, Mariano G. Engineer. Ayudante Primero.

Marrone, Luis Armando. Engineer. Profesor Titular.

Busch, Jorge. M.S. Profesor Adjunto.

Campolo, MatŪ≠as.

Poggio, Esteban.