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Mechanical Engineering


The Group is developing an interdisciplinary work integrating the work of professionals and students in engineering and archeology. Its main objective is to analyze metal artifacts from various archaeological sites to determine manufacturing methods, traces of use and posdeposicionales structural alterations, in order to acquire knowledge about technological and cultural aspects of the past was also carried out maintenance and diagnostics are developed and implemented appropriate conditioning techniques to those objects.



De Rosa, Horacio. Engineer. Profesor Adjunto.


Landa, Carlos G. PhD. Tesista de Posdoctorado CONICET.

Dí­az Perdiguero, Lorena. Engineer.

Ciarlo, Nicolás C. M.S.

Caretti, María Florencia.

Frustaci, Jesica.

López, Ariel.

Lucchetta, María Clarisbel. Becaria FIUBA.

Medina, María Emilia. Tesista de grado.