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Associate Laboratories

Interdisciplinary group in materials

The Group mentioned studies the development of the following research areas:

- Aorphous metallic alloys and hybrid: In this, we can mention two important items: the first, the development of amorphous and nanostructured alloys with high cooling rates.The second Development of amorphous alloys and hybrid cooling rates low.

- Biomaterials: It focuses on the development, characterization and biological evaluation of biocompatible materials feasible to be used in tissue engineering as well as through its implementation in regenerative medicine procedures.

- Applications of supercritical CO2: The main lines are studied subject in this field are: Extraction of pigments, oils and plant resins (aromatic, chia, nuts); Getting Aerogel; proficiency testing supercritical CO2 as a reaction medium for different technological applications; Third-Party Services.



Gorustovich, Alejandro. PhD. Investigador adjunto CONICET.

Moya, Javier. PhD. Investigador Independiente de CONICET. Profesor Extraordinario.


Marta, Leonardo J. Engineer. Becario CONICET.

Cornejo, MarŪa Del Pilar. M.S. Auxiliar docente.

Haro Durand, Luis A. M.S. Becario CONICET.

Vargas, Gabriela. M.S. Auxiliar docente.

Bravo, Marcela. Tesista de grado.

Cadena, Vanesa. Tesista de grado.

Tita, Gerardo J. Tesista de grado.

Villalba, Guillermo. Tesista de grado.

Zambrano, Patricia. Tesista de grado.