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Process Engineering

Food Technology

Reference Laboratory studies of food preservation, natural antimicrobials.

This group has been studying the basic point of view, new preservation technologies,the phenomena involved in these processes and the effect of its application in the inactivation and survival of contaminating microorganisms. From the applied point of view, evaluates the technical and economic feasibility of the procedures developed tocomplement and / or replace the technologies used by dairy industries, particularly inthe segment of small and medium enterprises.



Jagus, Rosa J. PhD. Profesora Asociada.


Agüero, Marí­a Victoria. PhD. Assistant Researcher CONICET. Teaching Assistant with a simple dedication.

Von Staszewski, Mariana. PhD. Ayudante.

Mugliaroli, Sandra. M.S. Profesora Adjunta.

Olle Resa, Carolina. M.S.

Bash, Carla. Tesista de grado.

Carpenco, Joaquín. Tesista de grado.

Dates, Estefanía. Tesista de grado.

Fernández, Verónica. Tesista de grado.