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Materials Engineering

Electronic Ceramic Materials Physiochemical

The Reference Laboratory is included within the subject area of Magnetic Materials and Nanotechnology. It consists of two groups, one theoretical and one practical. The first has two main lines of research:

- Solid Modeling: Develop models applied to analysis and simulation of electrical and magnetic properties of solids. Among the works being undertaken include: Analysis of the magnetic susceptibility in ferrites by using the Laplace transform and the Routh-Hurwitz; causal study and numerical simulation of the response function of the frequency magnetic susceptibility in ferrites using the Kramers-Kronig functions, fractal models of dielectric breakdown of polymers, non-equilibrium thermodynamics and entropy production in ferrites and ferrite-polymer composite under an applied magnetic field.

- Thermodynamic analysis of fuel cells: The project aims to study the components and characteristics of PEM fuel cells, analysis of current-voltage curves under different applied loads and the operation of devices developed in the country at different temperatures. It will analyze the effect of temperature on the efficiency of the fuel cell under different operating conditions. He hired the experimental results obtained with models derived from the thermodynamics of equilibrium and non-equilibrium thermodynamics.

The practical group studied the development of the following topics:

-Mixed oxide nanoparticles based on iron.
-Soft magnetic materials (ferrites spinels) and hard (hexagonal).
-Composite materials: ferrites and polymers.
-Remediation of effluents (oil) by methods of advanced oxidation.
-Ferrofluid, applications in biomedice

It is also responsible for the selection of new methods of preparation, characterization, structure, transport properties, magnetic properties, dielectric behavior of the material in the microwave region. And its application to devices: resonators, absorber, movies.



Jacobo, Silvia. PhD. Profesora Titular.


Barbiric, Doris A. J. PhD. Profesora Adjunta.

Fano, Walter G. PhD. Profesor Adjunto.

Fasoli, Héctor J. PhD. Profesor Adjunto.

Razzitte, Adrián C. PhD. Profesor Asociado.

Aphesteguy, Juan C. Engineer. Jefe de Trabajos Prácticos.

Boggi, Silvina. Engineer. Jefa de Trabajos Prácticos.

De La Horra, Enrique. Engineer. Jefe de Trabajos Prácticos.

Muzzio, Cristian R. Engineer. Ayudante de Primera.

Ruiz, María Sol. Engineer. Ayudante Primera.

Russo, Analía. Engineer. Ayudante Primera.

Herme, Carlos. M.S. FIUBA.

Bessone, Matías. Tesista de grado.

Figueira, Florencia. Tesista de grado.

Fossati, Ana. Tesista de grado.

Toriggia, Leonardo. Tesista de grado.