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Naval Engineering | Canal Naval Architecture experience

Canal Naval Architecture experience

Engineering Faculty. Naval Engineering Department. University of Buenos Aires.
Paseo Colón 850. (1063ACV) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Research Field

Resistance, propulsion and behaviour of ships in waves.
Lines and propeller optimization.
Ship project support.



Ballabio, Ví­ctor G. Engineer. Profesor Adjunto.

DiPrimo, Guillermo. Engineer. Jefe de Trabajos Prácticos.

Work Description

Established 1962, the Edmundo Manera Towing Tank is a member of the International Towing Tank Conference.

Since its creation some two hundred ship models were tested for basic research and students training. In addition, local and neighbouring countries owners as well are attended.

The towing tank works in both, physical and numerical models determining, for each vessel, proper lines and propulsion systems.

The behaviour of ship in waves could be also evaluated.

The towing tank main dimensions are:
Length: 72 m
Width: 3.60 m
Depth: 2.00 m

The wave maker can generate waves of
0.05 m to 0.40 m height
0.50 m to 5.00 m length.

Ship models up to 5 m length and propeller models to 15 cm diameter are built in the towing tank shop.
The towing tank includes a laboratory for instrument development and control for both, scaled and real ships.