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Materials Engineering | Electronic Ceramic Materials Physiochemical

Group Theory of Electronic Ceramics

Faculty of Engineering. Department of Chemistry. UBA
Paseo Colón 850. ( C1063ACV ) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.
Phone: +54 11 4343 0891 internal: 116

Research Field



The theory and modeling group develops models applied to the analysis and simulation of electrical and magnetic properties of solids:

- Analysis of ferrite magnetic susceptibility by using Laplace transform and the Routh-Hurwitz
- Study and numerical simulation of causal response function of the frequency of the magnetic susceptibility of ferrites by the Kramers-Kronig functions.
- Fractal Modeling of dielectric breakdown of polymers.
- Non-equilibrium thermodynamics and entropy production in ferrite and ferrite-polymer composite under an applied electromagnetic field.


The newly created project aims to study the components and characteristics of PEM fuel cells, analysis of potential-current curves under different loads and operation of devices developed in the country, at different temperatures.

Will analyze the effect of temperature on the efficiency of the fuel cell under different operating conditions.

Checked against experimental results obtained with models derived from equilibrium thermodynamics and non-equilibrium thermodynamics.

Through this work is to deepen the property conocimeinto PEM fuel cells, to simulate the electrical and thermodynamic variables operating in order to explore its potential applications in different branches of engineering. It will consider the proposed change of scale of the system used in the laboratory for measurement and evaluation of more powerful devices.



Razzitte, Adrián C. PhD. Profesor Asociado.


Barbiric, Doris A. J. PhD. Profesora Adjunta.

Fano, Walter G. PhD. Profesor Adjunto.

Fasoli, Héctor J. PhD. Profesor Adjunto.

Boggi, Silvina. Engineer. Jefa de Trabajos Prácticos.

Muzzio, Cristian R. Engineer. Ayudante de Primera.

Ruiz, María Sol. Engineer. Ayudante Primera.

Figueira, Florencia. Tesista de grado.

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