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Civil Engineering | Materials and Structures

Group of Welding Technology and Mechanical Behavior of Metallic Materials

Departments of Buildings and Stability. Faculty of Engineering. UBA.
Av. Las Heras 2214. (1427 ) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.
Phone: +54 11 4514 3009 / 10

Research Field

Welding, Metal Materials, Mechanical Properties.


-Technology of Welding of Metallic Materials:

High Performance arc welding processes: MCAW, FCAW, GMAW-SC, GMAW-P GMAW-CSC and PAW. Analysis of process variables and transfer modes.

Welding Metallurgy. Solidification and phase transformations in solid state. Microstructural characterization. Mechanical Properties: tensile properties, hardness, impact toughness, formability, fatigue.

Degradation mechanisms of metallic materials: stress corrosion cracking in various liquids and gases media. Intergranular corrosion. Pitting corrosion. Hydrogen embrittlement.

Welding and hardfacing. Studies of all-weld metal.

High strength ferritic steels, Supermartensitic stainless steels, martensitic steels, tool steels, modern high strength steels (fine grained microalloyed steels, fine grain steels, dual phase steels).

Friction Stir Welding and Processing (FSW-FSP) in aluminum alloys. Influence of process variables.

Metallurgy and mechanical properties.

- Tribology. Wear resistance and coefficient of friction of metallic materials.
- Materials processing by ECAP.
- High temperature mechanical behavior of metallic materials: Creep and Superplasticity.
- Biomaterials. Effect of surface treatments on mechanical properties of Ti. Fatigue resistance.

This group is part of Multi-Institutional Group of Welding (GMIS), which is formed by different public institutions:

- Welding Group - Institute of Technology Jorge Sabato (UNSAM-CNEA).
- Welding Group - Faculty of Engineering - Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora.
- Welding Group - DEYTEMA - Facultad Regional San Nicolas National Technological Universdad.
- Welding Research Group - INTI-Mechanics.



Svóboda, Hernán G. PhD. Investigador Asistente de CONICET. Profesor Adjunto.


Burgos, Ariel. Engineer.

Lorusso, Hernán. Engineer. Ayudante II.

Areal, Santiago.

Bonello, Tomás. Tesista de grado.

Catón, Domingo.

Dieguez, Tomás.

Ferrari, Claudio.

García, Sebastián.

Garnica Riveros, Jorge.

Laguerri, Martín.

Martínez, Marcelo. Tesista de grado.

Massetti, Andrés. Tesista de grado.

Ribet, Juan Ignacio.

Tufaro, Leonardo. Tesista de grado.

Work Description

This group studies the relationships between variables of different welding processes on the microstructural development and the final properties of the deposit.

In this regard the development of new processes and welding consumables, along with new materials that need to be welded, which are in turn in different geometries and that require different properties, have a standing technological challenge that requires a systematic study of the above relationships.
The overall objective is the study of modern materials in welding applications, strategic technology for the development of local industry, as the oil industry, automotive and related to the use wear-resistant surface coatings (power generation, cement industry mining, metallurgy, tools, road and agricultural equipment).To this end, we analyze the use of various processes and welding consumables on microstructural development and resulting properties, looking to develop relationships that enable linking of the welding process variables with the microstructure and final properties of the weld deposits .
This knowledge will allow optimization of welding processes and welding consumables, deepen knowledge about the stability and applicability of these and develop models to predict the behavior of the welds in terms of component variables. In this sense, this prediction is based on an understanding of metallurgical phenomena involved and the relations between the microstructural evolution and mechanical behavior, from wear and corrosion.

Among the current lines developed by this group are the following:

- Semi-automatic and automatic welding of advanced high strength steels (AHSS), medium and high resistance to various industries including automotive and construction, and structural elements in general.

- Welding Supermartensitic of stainless steel, art materials for the construction of pipes conveying oil containing CO2 and CO2/H2S, both corrosive.

- Hardfacing used to obtain increased wear resistance for certain services and extending the lifetime of the charged parts.

- Friction Stir Welding and Processing (FSW-FSP) of aluminum alloys, last generation process that allows welding of these strategic alloys applied to aviation industry, aerospace and transportation in general. Also, the processing of these materials creates a structure conducive to superplastic forming process.